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Getting Started

During the enrollment process, the shipping address entered is validated through two databases to ensure it is a valid, deliverable address. Should the address entered fail the validation, it most likely is not recognized in the database as a deliverable address. If you are encountering errors please contact Customer Service. Once you have completed your enrollment, if you need to correct or update your address please contact Customer Service.
Passwords must be minimum of 8 characters in length and include these minimum requirements: 1 upper case letter (ABC) 1 lower case letter (abc) 1 symbol or special character (!@#$%^&*) 1 number (0-9)

Course Selection

Our courses are designed to prepare you for your insurance producer or registered representative licensing exam. In general, the name of the course will correspond with the name of the license that you are trying to obtain. We highly encourage you to speak with your employer or the appropriate regulatory agency to determine which course would be most appropriate for your licensing goals.
Before selecting a training package it is recommended to understand your state’s specific exam and licensing requirements first

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